Nobles and Ladies All:
What an honor to be Syrian Shrine's 103rd Potentate in our 140th year. And I would like to thank each noble for believing in the fine men of the Divan and Trustees by electing them to serve this great fraternity, so that together all of us can serve the Greatest Philanthropy In The World: SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN.

MEMBERSHIP: “ONE.” Will each ONE of you make an effort to bring in at least ONE new noble this year? Everyone in our fraternity is on the membership team.

FUN: Having fun increases all those things you’d like to grow: membership, engagement and attendance. So let’s dedicate ourselves, together, to creating, sustaining and providing more fun in everything we do. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish when you’re laughing too hard to notice.

I hope you and your family will be engaged and involved in the “Shriner Experience.” Be active, show your Shriner pride, help grow membership and together we’ll make Cincinnati Syrian Shrine the best it can be!!

Of course, we will have ongoing: dinners, dances, bingo, fish fries, grill outs, picnics, kids parties, fundraisers, and hospital events. Stay tuned in to the Weekly Blast to your email, or let the office know if you’re not receiving your updates.

Making A Difference

Fraternally Yours,
Robert H. Smith
Syrian Shrine Potentate

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