Letters from our Children


My name is Sara, and I am a 14 year old girl who has been treated at Shriners for 13 years now in the Cincinnati Burn Unit. I am so thankful for the remarkably advanced treatment I received at Shriners. There is no way I could repay Shriners for all they have done for me, giving me the chance to live a normal happy life. I am very interested in Sharing my Story, to other Shriners/Masons, at banquets, meetings, or anywhere I am wanted.-Please forward this email to whoever handles that. So below is a brief summary of my story.

When I was 9 months old My mom turned the other way and I touched the front of an oven. The oven was 500 degrees. My hands were burned 3rd degree. My mom took me to the doctor, Urgent Care, Cincinnati Children's where a doctor in the emergency room called over to Shriners. I was immediately taken there, and began my long road to recovery. (this story is longer but I m keeping it brief) The doctors decided skin grafts were necessary. I have had several surgeries expanded and releasing the skin grafts (I can go into detail).

Today I live a pretty normal happy life. I am a cheerleader, get straight A's in honors courses, I play the flute, technical assistant in my School Theater, and love life. I am almost no different than your average teenage girl, I love make up, Chipotle and Starbucks. I love my cell phone and iPod. Something that was devastating doesn't hardly affect me anymore. Don't get me wrong things are hard like staying in the hospital, missing out on school and life, the emotional trauma, constant doctors visits, wearing pressure garments, the way my body looks, and of course the pain.

I am so grateful for all the treatment I have received. I don't even like to think of my life without Shriners. I don't know where I would be. They have giving the chance of a life time, the chance to live life!

Thank you guys so much!
I can't wait to hear from you.

Sara C.
Shrine kid


It's just me, Megan, that pesky Shriners Kid that LOVES you all!!!! Remember me...I am the one that played the piano at the Imperial Session in Tampa and I also was invited back to Imperial in Anaheim. I spoke at the Ladies Luncheon and the clown competition. Just wanted to say "HI" and see how your year has been. I hope it has been a great one!! I have been to many different Shrine Events this past year and it seems like it has been a great year. I go all over the United States/Canada telling everyone just what you Shriners mean to us kids. I love going to the Fezings so I can tell the new members what being a Shriner is REALLY all about!!!! I go to at least 1 to 4 states a month. It keeps me busy, but I LOVE it!!!

I am home right now recovering from my 24th surgery. So, I truly understand what you and your hospitals are really about. I think I have about 3 more surgeries before I am finished. To be honest, I will miss the hospital. It has become my second home. BUT...I am going to be a nurse or child life specialist and I intend to work at the Shriners Hospital in Portland. That is my goal and I work really hard at reaching my goals.

I want to thank you and your Ladies from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and sacrifices you make so us kids can have the surgeries we need to "fix" us. THANK YOU ....THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!!

I am a huge Oriental Band and Clown fan!!! When I go places I am often asked to play with the Oriental Band. That just "Makes My Day"!!! I also love those clowns, in fact, I have written a children's book and I am now finishing the illustrations and it is about my first trip to the Shriners Hospital and how a Shriner Clown helped me. It is called "Clowns Make A Difference"!!! Please tell all your clowns there... that they DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

Please tell everyone there "HI" for me and that I "LOVE" them. You all are my HEROES!!!!

Your "1" Fan

Shriner Kid
Megan J.

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